the heartist


The Creator of Naked Heart, Sara Ajna, is an Artist, Writer, Poet & Author of kids book, You Are The You-niverseHer work is inspired by the power of the open Heart and her mission is to bring Heart Consciousness to the world through her healing messages that she conveys through her poetry, writing and he[art]. 

Naked Heart

"The Naked Heart was originally birthed from a quote I wrote about finding strength in letting go and facing our deepest fears with an open and accepting Heart:


I found it fitting to use Naked Heart as a Pseudonym for my poetry and art, for it is a great reminder to keep myself Heart-Centered with everything I do. Naked Heart is a symbol of unconditional openness, love and acceptance, which is what I base my work around. Naked Heart represents Heart Consciousness. To live consciously through the Heart is to live by all the attributes of Love without any conditions. It is to be guided by Intuition and Higher Self.

  The Naked Heart is an open heart, and it teaches myself and others to remain unconditionally open- especially through the hardship and pain. It teaches us to let go, and surrender to Life and accept all that it offers us- the good and the bad. Through my direct experiences I find that my times of hardship and pain are my biggest blessings, for each challenge Life throws at me is an opportunity for growth, healing and transcendence. I've learned that the more I keep my Heart open, the more I can heal the pain of the past so that I may live peacefully in the present.


 To remain unconditionally open is to trust and accept Life as it is. When we can maintain this level of Consciousness and Unconditionality, we become receptive to Life's blessings; We become aligned and in tune with our Highest Self and connected to our true purpose. To accept is to receive, so to receive the many blessings that Life always has to offer us, we must learn to remain unconditionally Heart-centered and open so that Life may pour into us unfiltered, for the Naked Heart is always willing to go beyond its comfort zone. It is willing to face its fears and willing to stand authentically naked and vulnerable in its truth, despite how uncomfortable it may feel.  

 The Naked Heart reminds us to accept every part of ourselves, especially the parts we deem unworthy of Love, for it is exactly those parts of us that need the shelter of the Heart the most. I've become some what of a Heart-freak, constantly reading about the Heart and constantly remaining conscious of that space- I have found some astounding information and within my research, I believe I have found the true secrets to manifesting our deepest and purest desires.  

 Through my own direct experiences, I have been witnessing miracles, synchronicities, and instant manifestations daily- just by applying the wisdom of the Naked Heart. My mission is to spread the message of the Naked Heart and help others achieve this state of Heart Consciousness." - Sara Ajna